Talk about limitless potentials for start-ups, established businesses, employers and higher institutions; “Cameroon is a gold mine.” If you are looking to admit some of the brightest brains in the continent, establish startups or branches of already existing companies, recruit skilled professionals, Cameroon is the right nation to look into. And what’s more, The Cameroon Tour 2019 makes achieving such fits, easier than imagined.

The company itself has a track record of organizing three past successful fairs in Cameroon which brought together 5000 attendees, over 30 exhibitors backed by more than 11 sponsors. New markets must be stepped into with caution and confidence. There are several reasons for which you should be even more confident of the prospects. These reasons are;

1.      Access to a promising market

To begin with, the population of Cameroon is predominantly comprised of youths, indicating that the future is promising. But more appealing is the fact that the adult literacy rate continues to witness a steady increase. From 41.2% in 1976 to 75% in 2015. Since then, it has been on the rise at about 18.84% annually. Of course, this implies that every year, the nation’s educational system continues to send trained individuals into the world.

In 2015, Cameroon became the leading economy in the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) after IMF estimated her GDP at $29 Billion (exchange rates adjusted). This clearly portrays a robust and growing economy. One your business or company should take advantage of.

2.      An interested population

While some of these intellectuals scout for jobs, others continue to seek out ways to further their education, especially abroad. Nevertheless, many are still unsuccessful because of the difficulties they encounter when searching for persons with the right information. The Cameroon tour 2019 gives you the opportunity to meet and recruit well-screened leads.

The former groups of persons, who are scouting for jobs opportunities, make up a reasonable part of this youthful Cameroonian population. Although the literacy rate is impressive, the job market is no match for the supply of skills. A good number of very bright young people who leave universities and other higher institutions every year have a hard time securing a job. Like those students seeking admission to foreign universities, some of these graduates and skilled professionals have a keen interest in foreign companies and businesses.

Looking at the connections that exist between the education and career industries, Opuvia Fair beats the norm by bringing together cream of intellectuals, skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to meet with Educators, HR Service Providers, Industry Service Providers, Corporate Organization, NGO’s, Government Agencies and Embassies to Showcase, Network and Partner.

3.      Low Competition Levels

Although the nation holds great potentials for international institutions, educators and businesses, the level of competition in these industries; education and career, is surprisingly one of the lowest in central Africa. In a way, you could say Cameroon is a gold mine with only about 25% of its potentials exploited. It is the perfect nation in which your institution or business should make connections, establish branches, recruit students and skilled professionals for years to come. But the time to engage is now and Opuvia Fair through the Cameroon Tour 2019 has put together the perfect meeting point to initiate these connections.

4.      The right locations

As you may already know, the Cameroon Tour 2019 will hold in four major cities across the nation being; Yaounde, Bafoussam, Douala, and Limbe. It is important to note that these cities were carefully chosen because of their strategic locations. All of them are major economic and educational hubs. This ensures that the Cameroon Tour 2019 gives you easy access for partnerships and networking opportunities while ensuring that your brief time spent in the country is as beneficial as it is relaxing.

5.      A formidable Team

In order to meet and exceed your expectations, we have a team of professionals to take care of every single detail, ensuring that all goes as planned. Besides the event proper, we have made preparations to ensure you have an experience worth holding unto. From reception and hosting to departure, we have everything covered.