What is a Fair?

It is the twenty-first century and so much information is available on almost everything you could think of. But for some reason, it seems the searchlights have not really been turned on to the concept of FAIRS. Not very many people have an adequate understanding of what that word is about, much less it’s important for such a time as this.

If you happen to be among the majority who do not have a clue, or have more questions than answers with regards to fairs, you are definitely doing the right thing now.

When you picture an event that brings together the stakeholders and benefactors of trade, education and career industries to network and celebrate talents, achievements and potentials, you are thinking of a fair. Such an event usually runs from an afternoon to a couple of days, depending on the range of industries it covers.

From the vantage point of purpose, fairs are organized to give exposure to exhibitors who often comprise businesses, education and career service providers, etc). It creates an opportunity for them to showcase their products and or service, network, encourage, celebrate and reward talents, potentials and achievements.

Sometimes, fairs are organized to host a large variety of exhibitors. However, because of the financial demands, organizers usually prefer to carve out a niche within an industry and focus on it. As you may have guessed already, this means different types of fairs exist. There are Career fairs, education Fairs, Trade fairs, travel fairs, state fairs and a host of others.

Sure the reason for each differs as their names imply but there is a common purpose for them all: to connect benefactors with beneficiaries through opportunities to showcase, network and partner.

So a career fair, for example, is an event organized to bring together employers, recruiters and schools in a bid to provide information and opportunities to job seekers, and skilled persons and students seeking to further their studies. Consequently, a career fair is for job seekers and skilled persons to interact with potential recruiters and employers.

Besides that, a person who attends such a fair could be interviewed for and get a job on the spot. It is, therefore, possible to attend a fair as a job seeker and leave as an employee if you were prepared and performed well. Learn more about what preparations you have to make to attend a career fair.

As with every other type of fair, an education fair is organized with the same underlying purpose of bringing together beneficiaries and benefactors. However, in this case, we are talking about education service providers and beneficiaries of this industry. These include schools, student placement industries and educators who meet with students and potential students of high schools, colleges, universities and other higher institutions of learning. An education fair is designed to provide students with the right academic information which will enable them to make the best decisions with regards their educational goals and career plans.

Why attend a Fair?

Have you a clue about WHY you should attend a fair? To make whatever reasons you already have even more appealing, here are a few points worth thinking about.  But before we jump into them, remember the word OPPORTUNITIES. That word summarizes WHY you should attend any fair at all.

  • Attending a fair gives you the rare opportunity to showcase your potentials and abilities to a great number of interested parties. This means a lot to anyone who understands the importance of exposure. Sure you could share your expertise with people on the internet, but even that does not come close to the possibility of actually meeting the right people in the same place with little or no effort on your part.
  • In addition, if you understand the importance of networking, especially in this very competitive century, then you should not hesitate to attend a fair. The saying “show me your friends and I will tell who you are” vividly paints a picture of how much influence friendship has on one’s personality. Turning to our topic of focus, I would say “show me the range of your business and social network and I will tell you the degree to which you will succeed”.
  • Having the right potentials or skills is just as important as being connected to the right people; those who value and are willing to support you. It goes without saying that the possibility of networking is a prominent reason why you should attend a fair.
  • Furthermore, attending a fair gives you access to vital information which is most often difficult to get through third-party sources. Whether it concerns education, employment and career or business, one of the best places to get valid information and advice is at a fair. Since you are meeting key players and talking to them directly, information received is reliable. Consequently, you can set goals and make concrete plans based on such information
  • Some fair organizers also include the possibility of winning wonderful prices for different categories of achievements at different levels. At an education fair, for example, you could be awarded a scholarship from one of the universities or educational institutions present. Workers could also receive awards for their commitment and loyalty to certain brands.
  • There are very few other platforms which give you the chance to learn about job opportunities in your field or at least get a better understanding of career building tips. A career fair is one of those platforms. Besides most fairs, whether career, education or trade offer free workshops and tutorials for attendees. Privy information about job interview tips and how to refine one’s resume is priceless, particularly for job seekers with little or no prior experience.
  • Speaking to an interviewer is usually intimidating for the first few times. Most people will learn and make important adjustments that make them look and sound more competent after attending a number of career fairs.
  • Lastly, attending a fair thus increases one’s scope of possibilities you can exploit. Students for example usually discover alternative career paths by attending fairs. This will surely serve as the key to unlocking potentials that may have been hidden before the fair.

These and a host of other advantages are reasons why you should always grab any opportunity to attend a fair with both hands.