Why volunteer with us?

Every year Opuvia Fair welcomes over 100+ key employers, companies, organizations, key educators; institutions, schools and universities, 10,000+ students, graduates, employees, professionals and parents to the yearly Opuvia Education and Career Fairs in various destinations across the globe. 

An opportunity to meet employers: With previous fairs hosted in different destinations within the last few years, the Opuvia Fair is an excellent opportunity to meet with prospective employers for full time or part time employment, internship and co-op experiences.

A chance to get a scholarship: It is also an opportunity to meet with educators and institutions for fully or partially funded scholarships and on-the-spot-admission into foreign educational institutions. Many employers make hiring decisions on the spot and will often  meet with students or schedule interviews for the day after the fair. 

Volunteering adds value and credibility to your resume: Employers can witness your ability to successfully manage your time, your philanthropic efforts, your ability to work in teams and be flexible. Participating in volunteering opportunities also gives you the chance to explore viable career options. If you already have a major or a career in mind, a volunteer experience can help affirm those ambitions, or point you in the direction of an interesting position or opportunity.

Have a glimpse and feel of your dream career: Participating in the Education and Career Fair as a volunteer could give you an insider’s perspective on interesting career avenues. For example, if you’re interested in event planning, you could get the opportunity to see how a large-scale event is planned and executed. You could have a first-hand look into the recruiting and hiring process, which will guide your job searching strategy by showing you which specific organizations and companies to target. 

what to expect as a volunteer



After sign-up on the web site, a Volunteer Coordinator will contact you via phone or email to confirm your registration and assignment date and time.


On the day of your volunteer assignment, please check in at the volunteer/information table at the beginning of each shift to obtain assignments for the day.


Lunch will be provided for volunteers who are occupied during lunch hours.


Be sure to ask your Volunteer Coordinator any questions you may have!